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We create meal plans perfect for:
Weight loss, bodybuilding, keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, AHA diet,
low glycemic index carbs for diabetics, low sodium, bariatric patients, and more!

We offer the highest level of customization of any meal prep company!

We don't just create generic plans to try to appeal to everyone. You'll get a one-on-one consultation with a meal prep coordinator to discuss your goals, eating habits, and the number of meals you need. We go over the foods you like and dislike so we can create a personal menu for you with foods you love. You can make adjustments any time to fully customize your plan every step of the way.

Meal Prep

We'll build a fully customized meal plan for your body, goals, and food likes/dislikes! You'll have access to free health coaching and you can make updates to your meals throughout your journey.

Free Health Coaching

On meal prep, you'll have unlimited access to a health coach! Stay on track with your meal plan and get answers to all your nutrition questions.  

Order Meals Online

Not sure if you're ready to commit to meal prep? Try before you buy! Shop individual meals with flat rate $10 shipping. Add 10 meals to your cart for 15% off your order!

Created in the Twisted Foods kitchen to be a "cheat" while training for bodybuilding competitions, this is the cleanest protein cookie dough you'll find on the market. You'll find over 15 unique flavors (including vegan and keto), detailed nutrition information, and nationwide shipping

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Client Testimonials

"Keep your head up. I used to always avoid eating and living right in the summer. My mindset was it is vacation/lake season...grill up and drink up and party! Now it's a lifestyle not a fad thanks to Twisted Foods!"

Kirk Cupp

"I have really enjoyed the freezer meals from Twisted Foods. Since I started eating there, along with working out, I have lost 26 pounds and feel better than I have in years. The meals are packed with great flavor and it has helped me with calorie intake and learning to portion my meals at home. I have tried different varieties of their meals and they never disappoint. I highly recommend Twisted Foods.

Josh Miller

"I love Twisted Foods pre-packed meals! I can use them on and off competition prep since all foods are labeled with nutrition information. The meals are quick and delicious! My favorites are the protein waffles, cereal/granola, and wraps! Thank you Twisted Foods for providing an easy and delicious way to stay on track!"

Stephanie Mulvaney

Meal prep and individual meals ship nationwide!

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