Busting the Calorie Myth

Food is food and calories are calories, right? Incorrect! Not all calories are created equal.

The source of your calories is just as important as the number you eat. This is why the ingredients and nutrition content of food matter.  Though two foods can have the same number of calories, if one contains primarily sugar and carbs, this will spike insulin and lead to storage of this energy as belly fat! Also, the insulin will block the appetite-control hormones in your brain, and you will continue to overeat throughout the day. People tend to underestimate how much they eat. It is wiser to choose filling, plentiful and healthy foods than one massive, high-calorie meal, so you remain satisfied throughout the day!

 What can you do? For starters, understand the nutrition and macros of the food you consume. Focus on macros, but be mindful of calorie counts. Oftentimes, others lose sight on what their food contains, and look at only numbers. Diet and nutrition is more complex than just calories, and your body processes different foods in different ways!

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