Seasoning & Customizing Your Meal Prep

At Twisted Foods, we value complete customization! Our clients love switching up their meals with their favorite sauces and seasonings! We recommend this, because it allows you full control depending on your day-to-day cravings and preferences.

We suggest putting Walden Farms calorie-free sauces or Kernel Season’s seasonings on top for that extra oomph! Rose Hankins, our owner and founder, loves topping her egg whites with Kernel Season’s White Cheddar flavor, and her oatmeal with the Berry Berry Cherry flavor! This allows you to switch up your flavors whenever you like!

In our store locations, we sell Walden Farms sauces and Kernel Season’s seasonings near the cash register for you to take home with your meals. However, at our Build-Your-Own-Bar, we offer Kernel Season’s for all customers to try! Watch the video below of Rose explaining these food hacks and how you can give it a shot with your own Twisted Foods meals.

Try out these hacks by applying to get our August special... only $4 per meal! Visit here to apply!

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