How to Hack a Restaurant Menu to Fit Your Lifestyle

  • Plan Ahead
  • You will never regret planning ahead. What does this mean? Well, simply take the time to check out your schedule for the day ahead. Determine when and where you’ll go if you’re dining out. 

    Be sure to pack snacks to avoid going too long between meals. This will come in handy when you hit a long wait time at a restaurant. 

    If you don’t plan ahead, a wait at a restaurant gives you too much free time to think about how delicious someone else’s burger smells while your stomach rumbles. 

    When you’re finally seated and the server comes to your table, your diet is out the window and you order a huge unhealthy meal that you know is bad for your lifestyle. 

    You’ll also be likely to trick your brain into eating too much. By waiting too long between meals, you’re more apt to eat quickly and consume larger quantities than usual because you’re starving.


  • Do Your Research
  • In terms of eating well, ignorance isn’t bliss. It might be easier to pretend that meal you’re eating at your local restaurant isn’t that bad for you, but in reality, its fat content and calorie count is quickly derailing all your previous hard work and healthy habits. 

    Study up. It’s imperative to be aware of nutrition facts, lists of ingredients, and more. Avoid items that are fried, breaded, or battered. Lean toward items that are grilled, baked, roasted, or sautéed. 

    If you’re at a restaurant with calories listed on the menu, go ahead and assume the real number is a tad bit higher than what’s reported. Restaurants can miscalculate or underestimate the calories. Remember there’s always room for error, so proceed with caution. 

    If you’re interested, Twisted Foods can help you navigate the world of nutrition so you’ll know what to eat when you’re out and about.


  • Communicate with the Server
  • Your biggest asset when eating out? Your waiter or waitress. He or she can work with you to find the best possible menu choice for your dietary needs. 

    People often overlook their server’s opinion, which can be a huge mistake. After all, they have a wealth of knowledge about restaurant’s food offerings. (As long as this isn’t their first day on the job. If that’s the case, you can politely ask them to confer with a more experienced member of the waitstaff). 

    “Asking a server for additional details on menu items is an important step for mindful and healthy eating,” said Abbie Gellman, a well-known chef, consultant, and dietitian.  

    To make their job easier, you should provide them with a list of off limit food options so they don’t make any mistakes. If you’re avoiding dairy or cutting out carbs, they need to know.  

    With a little extra work and preparation, you can hack a restaurant menu to fit your lifestyle and your diet needs!

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