Looking at Labels : Macros and why they matter

Looking at food labels can be scary. The information staring back at you might not be what you wanted to see. You think,
Yikes, there are that many grams of sugar in this? I had no idea! Sometimes it feels like ignorance is bliss. 

However, if you’re trying to take charge of your health and nutrition, you need to know what you’re working with. One way of doing this is to track macros.

What are macros?

Macros are the nutrients in your diet. Short for macronutrients, they make up the caloric content of all food. Macros are broken down into three categories: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Why do they matter?

Keeping track of your macros allows you to prioritize the quality of your diet and make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients. Tracking macros and assessing your nutritional needs can be very beneficial if you’re on a quest for better health. 

You nourish your body with food to give yourself a boost of energy and keep your blood sugar level stable. If you think of your body as a vehicle, it makes sense that you need to consistently fill it with fuel as you burn calories throughout the day. Think of macros as providing your body with that much-needed fuel!

How do you calculate your ideal macros?

The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Medicine recommends the following breakdown:

  • 45-65 percent of your calories should come from carbs.
  • 20-35 percent of your calories should come from fats. 
  • 10-35 percent of your calories should come from protein.

To calculate your macros, you need to know how many calories you consume each day and then determine your ideal ratio of macros. Multiply your total daily calories by your percentages, and finish up by dividing your calorie amounts by its calorie-per-gram number. 

You can then tweak the numbers to achieve your specific goals. All bodies and health needs are different, so not everyone follows the same path when it comes to macro ratios.

There are a lot of apps and other digital resources that help you track your macros and caloric intake. That way, you don’t have to worry about doing the math! 

Our Smoothie Macros Information

Here at Twisted Foods, we’re obsessed with smoothies. Delicious and healthy, our specialized smoothies help you stay on track with your goals. 

We have a wide array of delicious smoothie flavors that will delight your taste buds. The best part? Each flavor has detailed nutritional information broken down for you on the site. We like to make it easy for you to keep track of your macros! 

Choose from Birthday Cake, Nutter Butter, Scarlett Fever, Green Machine, Morning Spark, Blueberry Pancake, Oatmeal Cookie, Rainbow Sherbert, and Twisted Bon Bon smoothie flavors. Yum! 

Try a great Twisted smoothie that makes assessing macros simple and fast!

Twisted Foods’ Philosophy

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