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Twisted Foods Nashville Grand Opening

Twisted Foods’ grand opening will bring brunch, free beverages, and more to Hillsboro Village.



Nashville, are you ready for the newest and most innovative brunch destination in the city? You better buckle up, because the Hillsboro Village neighborhood is now home to its very own Twisted Foods, which boasts the most eclectic meal prep, brunch and dining experience. 

What started in a small rural Arkansas community has now grown into a robust business that’s expanding to a new location! Today, June 22, we opened our doors to the Nashville public for the first time at 2111 Belcourt Avenue.

Twisted Foods boasts a unique, experience-oriented approach to health and wellness by customizing every meal to cater to each individuals’ preferences and dietary needs. We provide free health coaching as well as a one-of-a-kind dining experience complete with live entertainment, freshly-made beverages, and featured brunch. 

We built a concept around health and wellness so ingenious that not only does it benefit people trying to lead healthier lives, but it also adds to the colorful, inviting atmosphere that has long been shared by the Hillsboro community. 

The owner of Twisted Foods, Rose Hankins, has dedicated her life and career to the betterment of health and wellness across the nation. Twisted Foods is the vanguard in the progression of making food affordable, sustainable, and convenient. 

Her business model reinvented the meal prep industry by providing a plethora of options for ordering and receiving meals, including in-store pickup and dining, local delivery, and national shipping. 

"Years ago, I decided to go into the nursing field to help others. I was proud of how far I’d come, but I always wanted more – nothing was ever enough,” said Hankins. “I am way too blessed to be stressed. I spend every day trying to be better, do better, and fight for better in this world.” 

Twisted Foods will be hosting several events throughout June to celebrate our opening:

  • June 22: Official opening of the dining room and brunch. There will be 7 days of free beverages to celebrate. 
  • June 27: Official grand opening finale! There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and brunch. Attendees will be entered into a raffle to win 1 year of free meal planning. 
  • June 30: The last day for no meal prep enrollment fees ($50 value), so sign up while you still can!

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Our new Twisted Foods is located at 2111 Belcourt Avenue Nashville, TN 37212. Come by and see us!

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