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Do Unto Others…and a Very Special Meal Delivery Service

The most important thing we can offer our clients and customers is the gift of kindness. By this, we mean that we treat every client and customer the way we would want to be treated. Our meal delivery service takes all of your needs and preferences into account with each delicious box you receive.

You have questions, so we’re patient and thorough with our answers.

You have concerns, so we’re happy to talk them through with you.

Maybe you feel silly for not knowing something, so we assure you that you’re not.

Don’t ever feel like you’re taking up too much of our time because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here.

The entire family at Twisted Foods is dedicated to our customers and clients so that they can lead their best and healthiest lives.

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Our Leader - Rose Hankins

Rose Hankins is at the helm of this ship and she intuitively keeps it pointed in the right direction. If you hear her tell it, it was all a fortunate accident, but what do you think, dear reader? While that may be true, it’s equally possible that this was Rose’s calling all along. Read it in her own words:

"Years ago, I decided to go into the nursing field to help others. I was proud of how far I’d come, but I always wanted more – nothing was ever enough. I opened a boutique that struggled and was hard to keep alive, as all entrepreneurs know. I gave up that dream and decided to pursue my nursing career. I soon discovered no one wanted to help themselves. I thought to myself, How can I help anyone if they won’t help themselves?

A few months later, I was asked to start a boot camp for women at a local gym. I said, “No, absolutely not!” I did not want to double my career, but I thought, What if I could help people who wanted to better themselves and make a living in the process? After praying about it for a long time, I quit my job and opened a boot camp with fifty members that rapidly grew to nearly 100 in the first month. I gave free diet plans and worked night and day to give diets, workouts, and encouragement.

About five months later, someone said, “Please cook my food for a week!” Soon, I was making 200 meals a week, creating gourmet health food for people wanting to change.

God provided my passion with business backing, and I found where I’m meant to be. I am way too blessed to be stressed (as most business owners know, that’s a hard statement to swallow and although battling the way of the world trying to grow and build your dream) I spend every day trying to be better, do better and fight for better in this world.


Your Grocery Store and Personal Shopper

Like most people, we love to shop! However, unlike many, our favorite kind of shopping is grocery shopping. Specifically, grocery shopping for you and all of our Twisted Foods clients and customers!

To create your scrumptious meal delivery service each week, we visit our favorite markets carrying the freshest meats and produce to shop with you in mind and everything we purchase is all natural. Just think of us as your personal chef, shopper and grocery store all in one easy service! All of your meals are freshly cooked just for you, because we take care of our customers and clients like our own family.

Because we truly pride ourselves on the individuality we offer each of our clients, we make certain that your likes and dislikes are clearly understood. So, when you partner with Twisted Foods, you no longer have to concern yourself with grocery store runs or shopping because well, you’re family now! And also because we take the time to carefully listen when you tell us what you do and don’t like.

Just know that you can always count on us to serve you and treat you as we would want to be treated. Customer service and making it right is our value.

Your Personal Catering Service

Because of Twisted Foods’ ultra-high level of customization, we invite our clients to think of us as their personal catering service. This way, it’s easier to understand how we view our meal delivery service.

We don't do cookie-cutter meal plans.

Everything is dialed in for our clients based on their favorite foods indicated in the like and dislike profile. No diet or macro is too complicated for Twisted Foods! When clients join the Twisted Foods family, the first thing they do is go over their application questionnaire with their health coach. This application becomes our template in preparing meals.

Our clients have complete control over their meal delivery service and can customize their preferences on a weekly basis with live customer service. It is like planning an event and talking to a caterer. While that caterer may have suggestions, the client can ultimately choose what they receive.

That’s the Twisted Foods way.

Customer Service is Everything

Who are we without our customers? We ask ourselves every day. We’re nothing without the people who work with us.

Customer service is the most important thing for all of us here at Twisted Foods. Our clients and customers come before everything else. We think that is evident in all of our interactions.

Want to take some time to ask a question? We’ll gladly give you as much as you need.

Have a concern to voice? We promise our full attention, as well as our commitment to finding a resolution that works for everyone.

Interested in providing some feedback? That’s great - we LOVE it! It always helps us serve you better.

We’re going to let you in on a poorly-kept secret . . . we love to see our clients and customers in our stores! So, please, if you’re in the area, stop in to chat.

Customer Connection

This is what makes our meal delivery service so different. Most other meal services deal with their customers strictly electronically. The only time you’ll speak to an actual person is if you have a problem.

With Twisted Foods, we knew we wanted to break that mold! That’s why we designed our free health coaching the way we did. We wanted each of our clients to have an easy way to interact with us. We believe everyone deserves a friendly, familiar voice, and all the support and encouragement they need to make a significant lifestyle change.

We also encourage our clients and customers to drop into one of our two stores in Jonesboro, AR, or Nashville, TN, to pick-up their meals or dine-in with us. We truly enjoy seeing all of our customers and hope that if you’re in the area, you’ll drop in to visit and see our full-service offerings.

Free Health Coaching

At Twisted Foods, we believe that our free health coaching for all meal prep clients is probably the most important benefit we can offer.

With this service, our health coaches sit down either over the phone or in-person with each new client and thoroughly go over a lengthy application questionnaire. This is so that we can learn all about you and your health goals. We listen to the foods you like, and the foods you don’t. We learn if you have any allergies. We’ll inquire if any one of our diet plans are of interest to you.

Then we’ll take all of this information and create a plan just for you. This will include such items as which of our plans will work best for your goals, which meals we think you’d enjoy and also what substitutions and modifications we recommend. We’ll present these suggestions to you and then we’ll go over all the details and create a personalized meal plan just for you.

Why is this benefit so crucial? Because it provides each client with unwavering support, advice, and encouragement. It also provides clients with the comfort of continuity, knowing that they will always talk to a familiar voice and that this person actually knows and cares about their progress.

We are so proud of our Health Coaches and all our clients who count on them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of meal plans do you offer?

We offer 2 types, where each meal is different

Option 1: A complete meal plan where we eliminate the grocery store and prep time. We provide your breakfast, lunch dinner, and snack for the day or modify any way you’d like with 4 meals per day.

Option 2: A build your own. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, you can create each meal. Choose how many of each meal and how many days you’d like them. For example: 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 9 dinners, and 1 snack.

$5- breakfast and snack

$8- lunch (meat and veggie)

$9- dinner (meat, protein and complex carb)

What should I expect for each meal?


All breakfasts are designed so that you’ll receive a complete protein and carbohydrate pair.

Also, they will be labeled according to the number of days you ordered. Sometimes, the protein and carbohydrate are packaged separately. For example, we may give you egg whites with baked oatmeal for Day 1. The egg whites are packaged separately from the oatmeal.

We would write a 1 on the egg white container and a 1 on the baked oatmeal container, so you know that they are a pair. Some days, you will have a meal that is a combined protein and carbohydrates like Chocolate Protes – a delicious combination of oatmeal and protein powder.


You will find boxes in your delivery or pick-up containing just a source of protein and veggies such as chicken with zoodles or ground turkey with roasted carrots – we consider these “lunches”. If you wish to have a starchy carb added to this meal, we can accommodate that for you, as we consider these “dinners.”


The “dinner” boxes will contain a protein, veggie and a starchy carbohydrate such as sweet potato, white potato, pasta, or rice.


Snacks are compact and generally identifiable. The foods you see are to give you a visual idea of what you might taste, but of course, are not the actual donut. Many of our snacks are vegan and we also use a whey powder with only stevia substitute. You can expect a wide range of things like cookies, pretzels, shakes, or even a hot pocket! You may see a note from the health coaches with suggestions on how to eat the snack. Now, you don’t have to follow the note, it’s just a suggestion!

Sometimes your snacks will be numbered with a circle around the number. This means that your health coach wants you to eat that snack on that particular day. For example, if you see a snack has a 1 with a circle on it, they would like for you to eat that on Day 1. If your snacks do not have numbers, it’s simply your choice.

When do I eat my meals?

It’s up to you! You get to decide if you want breakfast for dinner or even dinner for lunch! Twisted Foods encourages you to find out what works best for you If you have questions about your meal boxes, simply contact your health coach and he/she will be happy to talk you through your order.

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Work With Us!

We hope that now you understand how we are different from other meal delivery services and how important our clients and customers are to us. Ready to join the Twisted Foods family? Great! It’s easy. Either give us a call at 870-938-1319 or fill out an application online.