Meal Prep

We encourage pickiness! Everyone has a different body type and eating habits, so creating a plan that works for you is the best way to help you achieve your goals. You'll have access to a meal prep coordinator to adjust your food preferences at any time.

1. Fill out an application online

2. You'll be contacted to schedule a consultation in store or over the phone

3. Your meal prep coordinator will go over your meals, likes and dislikes

4. Pick up meals or have them delivered.

What sets us apart from other meal prep companies

If you hired a personal chef to cook for you, you'd tell them exactly what foods you like/dislike and want to see on the menu. Meal prep is designed to be the same way!

Want to stick with the basics you know you love? No problem. Easily bored with the same foods? We'll create a menu with unique combinations and freshly made sauces. Want to take a break from chicken this week? Just let us know! Message us on Facebook to submit your requests to a meal prep coordinator. Your messages will be answered and any changes confirmed within 48 hours.

Made for your schedule

Whether you pick up your meals in-store or have them delivered across the country, you get to choose what types of meals you need and how often you need them. Going on vacation? Send us a Facebook message to pause for a week or two.

Free health coaching

Tired of reading labels, endless Google searches, and guessing? Pick up the phone and call us or send us a Facebook message! We can help you know what foods to eat outside your meal plan, workout ideas, and help you navigate the world of nutrition.

Meal plans for any diet

We believe that food is medicine. If your doctor has given you a strict diet to follow, we can create a menu that will keep you on track. We also make meal plans for keto, vegan, vegetarian, low sodium, weight loss or weight gain, and more!


These standard plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

3 Day Meal Plan 5 Day Meal Plan 7 Day Meal Plan
4 oz, $85 ($28/day)
6 oz, $110 ($36/day)
8 oz, $135 ($45/day)
4 oz, $125 ($25/day)
6 oz, $155 ($31/day)
8 oz, $185 ($37/day)
4 oz, $160 ($23/day)
6 oz, $190 ($27/day)
8 oz, $220 ($31/day)

We can always build custom plans to fit the amount + type of meals you need.

Call (870) 938-1319 or email to have a meal prep coordinator build your plan and answer pricing questions.


Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?

That's our specialty! Let us know during the consultation if you have a certain diet you want to follow, any allergies, and any foods you don't like. We'll create a custom menu to fit.

When and where do you deliver and ship?

We ship nationwide, and you get to choose the day they arrive! (As long as FedEx shipping runs that day.) You can also choose to get one week of meals at a time or two weeks at a time. If you pick up in store, you choose what day your meals are prepared.

Do I still have to cook the meals?

Nope! There's no cooking or cleaning required, just heat & eat! We recommend microwaving frozen meals (lid off) with a cup of water on the side to keep them from drying out. You can always heat your meals on the stove or oven (just take them out of the plastic container) to improve the texture.

How do the meals stay fresh during shipping?

We ship in temperature regulated coolers with lots of bubble wrap and dry ice. Sometimes shipping damage does happen, and we replace those meals 100%.

Do you eat the same thing every week?

That's up to you! You can choose to only want to stick with the foods you know and love. Or, you can change your meals week to week by sending us a message. Just say something like, "I'm really tired of chicken this week," and we'll update your menu to keep meals exciting.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! If you get two weeks of meals shipped to you at a time, we recommend putting one week of meals in the freezer as soon as you get your shipment.

Client Transformation

It's a lifestyle improvement, not a crash diet!

Success Story

"My wife and I decided we needed to improve our health. Going to the gym and working out has never been too much of a challenge for us. But all the gains in the gym were being canceled out by the food we were eating. We felt that all the hard work we were putting in at the gym deserved to be rewarded with pizza and ice cream. Wrong approach! What's worse is that we were actually gaining weight! We found Twisted Foods and got on their 5 day/8 week plan and what I realized is that we've been looking at food as a form of entertainment instead of looking at it as a source of life, energy and health. It's been 7 weeks and I've lost 14 lbs, which a very healthy pace for losing weight. I would have lost more but I've cheated more than I should have on the weekends. But I'm learning and I'm getting better and better every weekend. I'm also seeing results in the rest of my life. My workouts at the gym have improved tremendously. I feel stronger and more energetic for each workout. I'm sleeping better. I don't feel sluggish right after lunch anymore. I'm fitting clothing that I had packed away hoping that I'd be able to fit them again one day. My lower back pain caused by a slipped vertebrae in my spine is pretty much gone! And today I actually ran the outer loop at Craighead Forest Park (without stopping) at a pace of 11 minutes per mile, which is my best personal time! I've also never been able to run the whole park without stopping before! Eating healthy can be challenging when you're trying to do it on your own. It's easy to run out of ideas for things to cook and you get bored of eating the same thing everyday. That's why I let Twisted Foods create my menus and do all the cooking for me. If there's something on the menu I don't like I just write them a message and they make the necessary adjustments. It's super easy and convenient. I also save tons of time because we don't have to go to the grocery store as often. If I'm struggling with something, say, what to eat on the weekends, I just have to write or call and they'll offer me tons of ideas and hacks to help me out. The support is amazing! It's like having a personal chef and food coach all in one! The best part is that it won't break the bank, and even if it did, it's totally worth it! We're talking about our health here! All of the money we used to spend on eating out is now being used to support our health. It was an easy and simple financial adjustment. When I get excited about a product or service I try to sell it, whether it's mine or not. And I hope you will buy into it because it truly is life-changing if you're willing to put in the work and stay dedicated. If we are doing it, so can you!"

Tony Fuentes

After your application, you'll be contacted by a meal prep coordinator to set up a time for your consultation.

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