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Twisted Foods Meal Plans

Perfect For All Your Health Needs

At Twisted Foods, our ultimate goal is to provide all of our clients and customers with healthy, nutritious foods that they love to eat. In addition, these meals are created and served in ways that are specific to each individuals’ tastes and health goals. Therefore, whenever you receive or pick-up your Twisted Foods meal delivery box, it will be chock-full of delicious goodies just for you!

Why Twisted Foods?

There are plenty of meal delivery companies out there, so why choose us? Great question!

  1. Our meal prep option is totally customizable! That means that any meal can be made specifically according to your likes and dislikes, as well as your overall goals. For instance, if you prefer turkey over chicken, your meal will be prepared with turkey. And again, if watermelon is meh, but blueberries are your fave, guess what you’re getting??
  2. With our meal prep option, you will work with a health coach, free of charge. Because we believe in giving the most personalized service to all of our clients, this was a must-have for us. Your health coach will work with you to discover what foods you love and hate. Additionally, you will work closely together to be sure the meals you choose to support your goals. Finally, your health coach is your support system, advisor and staunchest advocate, because nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy and your way to glowing health!
  3. We offer 3 different options for you to receive your meal delivery boxes. We can ship them directly to your home. You can pick them up at one of our two locations - we’re in Jonesboro, AR, and Nashville, TN. Or you can dine-in with us to enjoy your meals. Not only that, but you also get to decide when and how many meals are included in each of your meal delivery boxes.
  4. For some, best of all is no cooking! That’s right, all of our delicious Twisted Foods meals are fully prepared - simply heat, eat and enjoy!

Low Sodium Meal Plans

One of the many specialized diets we provide to our clients is the low-sodium diet. And as its name implies, this diet is particularly low in added salt. Typically, this diet is prescribed for people with kidney or heart problems, but we believe it can benefit anyone who would like to lower their salt intake.

Bariatric Meal Plans

At Twisted Foods, we also offer the specialized Bariatric Diet for our clients and customers. So what is the Bariatric Diet? First and foremost, this diet helps people who have had bariatric weight-reduction surgery. It also has several other purposes:

  • Helps the stomach to heal without stretching it for food consumption
  • Assists in getting used to smaller portions of food
  • Helps to lose weight
  • And maybe most importantly, the Bariatric Diet will help you to avoid complications from surgery

After bariatric surgery, there are specific suggestions that your doctor will make so that you lose weight safely and steadily. Some of these may include:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sip liquids between your meals, but not with your meals
  • Learn to eat and drink slowly and savor your food
  • Enjoy lean and protein-rich foods

At Twisted Foods, we have done extensive research into the Bariatric Diet, so as to most effectively help our clients and customers. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you receive your Bariatric Diet meal delivery box from Twisted Foods, it will contain all the foods that are optimal for your continued good health.

Health Benefits of a Low Sodium Diet

A few helpful reasons people choose this meal plan include:

Health Benefits of A Bariatric Surgery & Diet

This life-altering surgery and diet offer many incredible benefits such as:

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